This is the website of Kerri Jefferis who works collaboratively with Sophie Chapman. 

Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis make interdisciplinary artworks with people, places and things to explore collective agency and enact prefigurative forms of resistance. Utilising modes of hosting and intervention they open and claim space for critical and convivial exchange, inviting those present to re-orientate, unlearn or embody a different way of being together.


Informed by feminist ‘practices of doing’ and histories of punk, common to each work is the desire to provoke the social imaginary: straddling the push-pull between chaos and control, poetry and politics, singularity and the collective. The work exists as ephemeral, collaborative encounters and text, performance, drawing, sculpture and film - records or re-workings of the residue that lingers.


Recent works include: Private Insurrections to Loosen Public Ground and Mum Q’s/Diaristic Mirrors 2017/18 - a publication and evolving auto-ethnographic archive on social time and how we make ourselves through others. Guttural Living 2018/19 - film, sculptures and performance scores on erotic uprisings, orientation and movement. Each work hinges on open invitation, experimental improvisation and collaborative process: all of which are at the core of our practice.

Kerri and Sophie are based between Leeds and London.


They have a studio at Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London, SE14 6PD. Come visit!