Tradesman's Entrance Residency


+Ellie Wyatt

The following are some of the results of a collaborative residency in Earlsdon, Coventry with artist Ellie Wyatt. Hosted by artist collective, Labour Exchange, May 2015. The work is sited in a range of locations and responds to the historical and changing conditions of labour in Coventry from the industrial revolution to service, home work and immaterial forms of labour. In particular, aspirational devotions to success and gendered forms of (still) invisible labour that maintain.  

Always Maintain a Joyful Mind

Glass, projected films, digital prints, stressballs, spray paint, buttermilk, foam stickers.

Projected film, in full below.


+Ellie Wyatt

IKEA promises us both the allure of having it all without the stress of investment in the future. It provides a convenient and aspirational view into the idealized life, the book cases are full, the table laid and we can all live happily together in our compact, heteronormative lives because they have so kindly solved all our storage woes and (restricted) all consuming needs.


Now the company has conveniently reproduced this scenario for the post fordist ideal of the entreprenuerial, freelance, home worker. The individual is on display in the void of work space. Ideal, clean(holy), undistracted, efficient. Seductive and tantamount. A life removed of all other concerns allows focus - in the ultimate environment for optimum and expected levels of productivity.

You, but like us

Series of digital prints installed in estate agent Brian Holt's windows, Earlsdon High Street.

+Ellie Wyatt 

Public Making Gestures

Film projected onto private commercial billboards, Albany road, Coventry.

+Ellie Wyatt

Home workers

A study of three homeworkers, developed through conversations with local women who freelance and work from home. Installed in Cash Registers window, Earlsdon High Street.

+Ellie Wyatt