Apples For Everyone, No Money Changing Hands


Apples For Everyone, No Money Changing Hands was an artist led residency that culminated with a open house exhibition and publication.


The group were based within a derelict heritage building in Tottenham and sought to collectively respond to the site and surroundings in relation to the physical, the historical, and the political.


The participating artists were Chris Alton, Jack Hirons, Kerri Jefferis, Laura Porter, Kim Taylor and Ellie Wyatt.


 Apples for Everyone




1. Year Zero, digital print

2. And Flex, (with detail) installation - underlay, steel, plastic, aluminium foil

3. Pleasure props, (with detail) fabric, heritage timber

4. Untitled, (with detail) installation: spurs barriers, digital prints, fabric, underlay, concrete

1. Apples for Everyone, (with detail) installation - marble, tottenham stone, digital prints and photographs, turf, plastic, glass, timber. Collaboration with Ellie Wyatt.

2. Fissure, (with detail) installation - plastic dust sheet, acrylic paint, digital prints, glass. Collaboration with Ellie Wyatt.


+Ellie Wyatt

Film, 5.33

Leisurebounds uses a combination of new and archival public service footage revealing the implicit, coded and changing power dynamics between public interest and private profit.


Made in the context of London’s contradictory property market, one both in crisis and boom, the film apprehensively uses the past to consider the idea of history repeating and what the consequences of our perpetual drive forth might be.


Reduced, the edit reveals the often hidden or subtle social gestures and systematic cues of control that regulate our movement and the way we occupy or utilise urban spaces.

Year Zero

+Ellie Wyatt


Installation - digital prints, vinyl, steel, concrete, glass, mirror, boundary marker