Behavioural Training for Astronauts for Earthlings

+Sophie Chapman+Giles Bunch

At first glance, life aboard the International Space Station appears super far away from the everyday experiences of most humans. However, the world renowned training provided by A.S.S.A (Autonomous Sexy Space agency) offers a rare window to these experiences. As ex-space travellers themselves, the team of trainers like to think they are the best equipt to prepare keen astronauts for responding well to unfamiliar scenarios in a safe manner. Priding themselves on providing individuals with a high-quality experience, it is their belief that this training is vital, relevant and useful to many earth-dwellers too.

Behavioural Training for Astronauts for Earthlings is an experiential situation, hosted on our dear planet, aimed at outer space. It introduces and prepares rookies to new notions not often present on earth such as; supporting others, avoiding or negotiating high risk environments, elements of self care and hygiene as well as vital space skills such as communicating across cultural differences.

It starts with an introduction for fellow humanoids to some of the processes that the real-life European Space Agency astronauts go through as they are encouraged to develop behaviours preparing them for successful, safe space flight. Earthlings present, will be expertly guided through activities and rituals developing favourable conduct in preparation for it's relevant application in current life and towards contingent futures on our current spaceship: Earth.

Behavioural Training for Astronauts for Earthlings has certified a number of humanoids for life in space on earth. It was first presented as part of Antiuniversity 2016 and featured at Supernormal Festival 2017. Since, it appeared at The Palace, Nysa, Poland and at Lewisham Arthouse.

Photos: Giles Bunch. The Palace, Poland.

Photos: Sheena Patel + Kerri Jefferis. Lewisham Arthouse.