A fruitful day of countryside meanderings featuring nothing less than: fornicating tortoises, specimen collecting and taxonomising, monopoly monopolising on heritage sites, Prince the moustached pony, brave new worlds, climbing plants and blanketing canopies, success-behaviour and psycopathic tendancies, vivisection labs-come-luxury apartments, co-creating exotic imaginary beasts whos mystical powers included ketchup skirting nipples and meth habits, onto anxiety and immigration and much more. And the pub - Nigel Farages local pub.



For May’s KINGDOM we will be both celebrating and sharing our deep sorrows in light of the recent election results by visiting Downe, the birthplace of recently resigned Nigel Farage, which just happens to also be the place where Charles Darwin wrote his theories of evolution.

We will take these two opposing yet intertwined and strangely similar men of ‘progress’ as points for discussion. Exploring the area in which they both lived, we will discuss issues of environment and genetics in relation to both Darwin’s theories, and political constituencies.

The group will walk Darwin’s footsteps through the Downe Bank nature reserve, and visit his grave. We will also visit the site that used to house Buckston Browne Farm, a surgical research centre which was raided in the 1980s by anti-vivisection activists.

We aim to meet up with a local Scout/Girl Guide group, to talk with them about exploration and the 'survival of the fittest' theory in relation to modern aspiration. The day will be punctuated by other planned and unplanned activities and interventions.

Meet at Bromley South train station at 10.30 on Sunday 24th May to get the bus together down to Downe.

The event is open for anyone to join, all you need to do is book your train and get on it. Some small change may be necessary for bus rides and a pub stop. Everyones encouraged to bring along a picnic lunch.

See you there!

Extra thanks to Darwins legacy and heritage for both toilets and tour soundtrack and of course, as ever, to those who ventured and gained.