For our first excursion to Eastbourne in East Sussex. We scaled the Seven Sisters, discussed vertigo, the sublime and passive dynamic walking. We divided the Rings of Saturn, we drew the cliffs and eachother, I-spy-ed, flew kites, played with ribbons and in doing so both invented a new instrument and discovered that Kerri is unable to follow simple directions. Attempted to hitchhike, realised that we hate the smell of rapeseed, met Alex from Curious Projects and discussed the problems and benefits of curating a cupboard, took in reviews of contemporary art from the locals, and retired to the pub for curley fries, and to plot Spot the unknowingly robot dog’s journey into and out of the Uncanny Valley, featuring Arnold Schwarzeneggar.



KINGDOM is an open exploration of the UK, where focus is placed on being, doing and gathering amongst a varying group of discursive visitors.

The first KINGDOM will be taking place in Eastbourne on the south coast, meeting at the train station at 11.00 on Sunday the 26th of April. Taking the cliffs as a starting point, the visitors will walk the Seven Sisters, including a picnic (BYOB + F for Food), discussing issues that may vary from height, peaks and hierarchies to what the traditional seaside resort means in an age of cheap travel both nationally and internationally. The day will then unfurl in a series of interactions, conversations and points for discussion. 

So we have of have an idea of numbers, please send us an email with your phone number to:

Anyone can join KINGDOM. Just book your train and get on it.

Extra thanks to Alexandra Valy and Curious Projects and also that lady for the compliments and studio tour and of course, as ever, to those who ventured and gained.