Extraction October

+Sophie Chapman 

Quitting Time - The Roches

Extraction October was a private performance and a public statement that came from necessity. it was a weak* labour strike which consisted of an out of office, social media announcement, 'the rules,' a roches song and holding each other accountable. 

sophie and i had come to the realisation that despite regularly quoting particular politics we were not practicing them ourselves and this was impacting significantly on our bodies, relationships and physic worlds. we want to strive for a practice centered around care and attention and in doing so this must also extend to ourselves.


we feel strongly that we must resist becoming and reproducing the structures we wish to critique and challenge through our lives, behaviours and work in many forms. Hyper distribution and hyper productivity is all our enemy...

please use / adapt / change the rules as approriate / necessary to a month (or longer) of your choosing.

in response to our statement somethings happened that we know about - 

Kyla Harris sent us a care package + her self care manifesto

The White Pube went into aeroplane mode

+ Raju Rage made + printed tea towels + aprons with both the rules + the manifesto which featured in their work titled 'Under/Valued Energetic Economy' in more than an avalanche, Wysing Arts Centre

*Ewa Majewska, weak resistance.

The Rules.


  1. No doing work on commutes.

  2. No social media that isn't for fun.

  3. No contributions, events, workshops for others.

  4. No new projects.

  5. No new collaborations.

  6. No skipping meals.

  7. We bend and stretch and breathe.

  8. We plan our time properly with breaks and contingencies.

  9. We have at least three evenings at home during the week.

  10. Saturdays we go to the studio with no plans.

  11. Sundays we do nothing.

  12. We don't feel guilty.

  13. We go to gigs, see friends, see lovers, do things we enjoy.

  14. We do our washing and wank regularly.

  15. We pay attention.

  16. We take time.

  17. We take care.

  18. We still do choir.

  19. We practice with Molejoy.

  20. We write down our (sleep) dreams.

  21. We print out, carry and have ‘Uses of the Erotic’ on the door of the studio.

  22. We have an out of office.

  23. We screen grab the messages which contravene the rules as documents.

  24. We ask someone else to hold us accountable.

  25. We don’t repeat the hyper-delivery-care-deficit-fatigue ever again.

Download the rules.