+Sophie Chapman


When things go to shit in the world, we need music. We think Punk is good as it rejects the mantra to invest in your the future by numbing yourself the present. It also allows for the urgent, incompetent, primal channelling of joy and rage. And apparently, there’s only two steps…choose an instrument, and find some like-minded people.


Bands let us embody our politics as they channel everything into what they wear, how they behave, their lyrics, their music, their everything…in short, they open up possibilities. We want to create an atmosphere of permission, where anyone can be involved in any capacity: lyric writing (well or badly), choreographing (well or badly), playing an instrument (well or badly) or customizing the bands overall look (of course, well or badly).


We invite those willing to step outside known formats, to harness without hindering, to collectively ask how we might do things differently based on a culture of praise, permission and care.  

And, because we don’t know, we want to ask for help, your help.


We don't want to run another event that cuts itself off from the world and we don't want to have another discussion about how all art events are closed off from the general universe. Therefore, we will hold this event in a park, in an amphitheatre, with the hope that people could walk past, join in or watch confusedly - for as much or as little time as they want.


We agree with Evan Ifekoya that, “Making a spectacle of oneself is a political act,”* and we wonder how to practically support each other to go beyond and let go. We want the band to sound like you can hear human beings fingers all over it** and look like nothing that has ever graced or seized Hope Play Space’s ethos ever quite like this before!


Imagine a huge, strong, messy, cacophonic band; with multiple drummers, dancers, singers, wavers; someone playing the triangle. People dedicated to getting the crowd psyched, all making noise and shaking themselves at once. Radical content to dance to, speaking what is not spoken, screaming what isn’t heard. All saying fuck this!


But also and very importantly, making friends and having fun.

*Evan Ifekoya’s twitter, @evan_ife

**Kathleen Hanna describing how she wanted Julie Ruin to sound in The Punk Singer, documentary, 2013.

Fuck it, doc film.

Footage: Katherine Fishman

Sound: Joe Summers

Edited: Sophie and Kerri

Fuck it, lets make a band was an experimental space to meet, to behave and to learn. Part workshop, part common, part situation. Orchestrated by Sophie Chapman and Kerri Jefferis.

Hope Play Space, Finsbury Park, ANTIUNIVERSITY June 2016.