Guttural Living

+Sophie Chapman


Above: Sympoetic tools; various (30+) ceramic and bronze sculptures, 2018.

How do bodies orientate in the world? What shapes the way they move? How are they extended or limited in their desire or difference? Could tools for disorientation allow us to think differently together, about presence and relationality in all its messy uncertainty? How could moving differently be political?

Guttural Living is the result of an ongoing collaborative process of deconstruction, an ‘unschooling’ of the body. Through intensive conversation, rolling around together and making slippery forms of things, we found support where we usually feel oblique. It was made in collaboration with Edna, Kyla Harris, Zuleika Lebow and Serena Morgan. The film was shot with the help of Sophie le Roux.


The larger project exists as a constellation of friendships, performance scores, sculptures, text, drawing and film. It was produced with thanks to Scottish Sculpture Workshop, METAL Southend, Artsadmin and Arts Council England.


Image: Work in progress documentation.

Film: Sketches for Guttural Living, film trailer. Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis, Camera 2 Sophie le Roux, featuring Edna, Kyla Harris, Zuleika Lebow and Serena Morgan.