In a gesture not dissimilar to the blindfolded point at a freshly unfurled map, the place is decided. 


Stepping outside, poking holes, purposefully roaming.


KINGDOM borrows sites and genres; it travels with people to people and from place to place.

Because nationalism is problematic, we take a different route - cynical idealism via romantic reclamation. Because reality is so simulated, narrated and dictated KINGDOM is on a quest for authenticity. Because the tyranny of the quantifiable, we seek folly.

KINGDOM recognizes community as a buzzword, and wanderlust as a way of being. It embraces lostness, gathering and the power of noticing.


By sticking a flag in our people and our terrain, it seeks to conquer Britain now, through arbitrary tasks, action and by simply finding out.

KINGDOM is an open, artist-led exploration of the UK. It carries out excursions, each bringing together a self-selecting group of discursive visitors who venture to explore the social and the cultural in relation to site, futures and uncertain histories.

KINGDOM creates musical instruments from ribbon on clifftops, casts from fingers thrust in soil, tests consciousness via small hats and collaboratively doodles. It is also simultaneously the antagonist and protagonist, the observer and the observed

KINGDOM is thematic yet random, and hereby offers authentic thrills for those seeking psychological arousal. 

KINGDOM is a collaboration between artists Kerri Jefferis and Ellie Wyatt. Since April 2015 it has travelled to Eastbourne, Downe, Silvertown, Shoreham Woods, Marchwood and Chislehurst Caves.