+Sophie Chapman

For the month of March we were The White Pube’s artists in residence. During this time, Sophie and I will used TWP’s web platform as host, interface and instigator to test out, document and start conversations through a series of public interventions.


On their allocated page, our actions appeared sporadically alongside fragments, residue and reflections. Acts that asked for input, were transitory or locational were announced prior to their undertaking. These notices were posted on TWP’s twitter and consequently, engaged both online and offline publics, participants, audiences, observers and individuals in their enactment.


The works took a range of forms and considered the physical, the sonic and the poetic in relation to affect, contagion, situations and embodiment. Some engaged with aspects of homage, drawing clear desire lines to the past considering the pace and nature of social time; others were introspective, directly engaging with our networks, difference and commonality. Each action somehow in dialogue with the last as counter-information, confrontation, prompt, proposition or pretext.


The month was an experiment, ‘a play in many acts...’ ‘small gestures in specific places’ because, ‘the skin is faster than the word.’



TWP's twitter

the residency page has now come down, it is archived here