"In the beginning, and now, without end . . .

In the beginning and without end, we stopped to ask how fast we’re used to moving in the contemporary age and to consider whose work allows us to do ours? We asked who the first humans on earth thought would clean up after them? And, after getting lost in brownfill, no landmarks to direct us - only policemen, we admired our great imprints hidden from view, those robots that may house fleshy bodies and whose cranes shift gigantic primary coloured lego and piles of detritus into the ground and off to sea.


We created blueprints from disgaurded items, that we dipped into the ea, these items then allowed us to better understand the physical burden of trash as it is removed. We talked of the pedestrian-less, containerisation, luxury and opulence, decentering, civic pride and planning as well as its relationship to violence.


We walked and talked of walking as a political act, we discussed the merits of happy lights, surveillance and intimidation. How loitering or doing nothing is considered ASB. We imagined the pacific trash vortex, stayed off private property and crucially found out Helen really likes soap! We also drank, laughed and designed our very own cruise from which to passively and disembodiedly view new cultures, all from the comforts of ‘home’. 



"In the beginning, and now, without end . . ."

November’s KINGDOM will meet in Southampton then travel onwards cross the water to Marchwood, a town on the brink of oversaturation according to its inhabitants. With the backdrop of this industrial and military land marked area, we will look from the car park to the cruise port, from the storage to the sky and measure our steps from the incinerator to the village asking if out of sight is ever really out of mind and, if there is potentially something sinister and indiscernible to be afraid of.


For the rubbish edition, we will seek a method of remembering that which we continually thrust aside in order to live. Under the suns rays detritus will be transformed into images, our own brand of luxury will be designed and impossible solutions to ever decreasing capacity will be pondered within the industrious proximity of the key elements of living; work, leisure and production. 

Meet: 11.00am Southampton Central Station, main entrance

Bring: an item of rubbish


Call: 07964289731


Some images courtesy of Sarah Filmer
Extra thanks to Eloise Rose and John Hansard Gallery for financially supporting us and of course, as ever, to those who ventured and gained.