Not Only Women Only

+Sophie Chapman +Fanny Aboulker

Above: Not Only Women Only event flyer. Produced By Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis.

"The Not Only Women Only pub quiz played to the variety of skills, interests and learning styles that exist, with rounds that were interactive, touchy feely, discursive and seated. The hosts drummed up the energy with their nurturing and playful approach, engaging all participants and cementing a clear learning agenda without being in too formal an environment. An all-singing-all-dancing affair with prizes galore, it called in to question the soporific format of the traditional pub quiz which feels like a guaranteed dead end to a lot of people." -Molly Irwin Clark (participant).

"The casual delivery of interesting facts about the feminist movement blended seamlessly with the varied game show formats, making it a fun and simple way for audiences to learn more about a critical movement." -Oliver Husband (participant). 

"Silly, fun and sometimes confusing" -Zuleika Lebow (participant).

Not Only Women Only was a pub quiz developed by members of Lewisham Arthouse for the grassroots Telegraph Hill Festival. The event attracted over 60 participants from across the borough and beyond, bringing people together to test their knowledge of the ‘second sex’ 100 years since the Representation of the People Act.


Prizes were donated from Arthouse members and their networks (thanks to: Serena Morgan Therapy, Iza, Raju Rage, Rosalie Schweiker, Heather Steed, Alma Tischlerwood, Sara Willet, Shirley Stewart, Alexandra Kokoli, Eliza and Lucy of A Women's Place, Ruth Beale and Sophie le Roux) and the event raised just short of £200 for Sisters Uncut, a direct action group campaigning to end all domestic and gender based violence.

Below: Documentation from the event at The Telegraph, London. Credit: (first set) Sophie le Roux / and (below) Molly Irwin Clark.

credit: Sophie le Roux
credit: Sophie le Roux

credit: Sophie le Roux
credit: Sophie le Roux