Opportunity Makers, Opportunity Takers

+Sophie Chapman+Women's Art Library+others

diy, diwo, dia.*


something someone once said.

your either one or the other.


unweildly, raw, joyous.

questioning, supporting, exchanging.

women, art, solidarity.


a lean out self-education group of sorts.

discussing things like: knowledge sharing and building, collective care, the awareness and celebration of agency, women and DIY or DIWO. Sacrifice, methodologies, harnessing our ability self initiate... complicity and rejection, breaking with the market and art celebrity... with particular reference to sharing economies and cooperation as a strategy against austerity, property boom and the cult of individualism. Self-initated projects talk about what role, if any, gender and feminist politics play in their motivations, aims and processes. 

a session Sophie Chapman and I organised during the Antiuniversity 2015.


special thanks to Althea Greenan/Womens Art Library, CaW (Sophie Chapman, Carolina Escobar, Georgia Gendall, Bryony Hussey, Lou Macnamara, and Andra Raduca), Cheap Drinks (Rosa Farber and Helen Savage), KINGDOM (Kerri Jefferis and Ellie Wyatt), Ladette Space (Elena Colman), Nice Gallery (Rosa Nussbaum). With silent speaker Rosalie Schweiker.

If your wondering what the mince is about see here.

*(do it yourself, do it with others, do it anyway.)

image below: mince solidarity badges, made to be worn with pride.