A conference about self care in an unequal art world.


with: Alexandrina Hemsley, Chloe Cooper, Eva Rowson, Evan Ifekoya, Kathrin Böhm, Kerri Jefferis, Leonie Cronin, Lynne Friedli, Margherita Huntley, Open Barbers, Rosalie Schweiker, Sophie Chapman, Susannah Worth, Valeria Graziano.



This mess is kept afloat by the sheer dynamism of loads and loads of hardworking women.**

Hito Steyerl


All around us, we see amazing people, working their arse off on a small-scale, making big changes.

We wonder how we keep going, how do we all manage to keep laughing, struggling, hustling and juggling?


We wanted to organise a conference that gives space to our doubts, questions and tiredness.
A conference, that values and gives resources to those people who are not “cosetted by some non-existant-caring-lucrative-other.”***


This is an invite to a conference without a podium.

We want to sit together, on the floor.


This is a conference without lectures in which each word is carefully chosen.

We want honest, messy, confusing, funny conversations in all kinds of situations, while we’re swimming, while we’re cooking, while we’re queuing for the toilet.


We are inviting you to a conference, that doesn’t immobilise us.

We want a conference that allows us to move our bodies as well as our minds.


We are inviting you to a conference that is interesting even before everybody has gone to the pub.
We want a conference which doesn’t create a divide between formal and informal situations. 



This conference will take place in March, 25th - 27th, mainly at the AND publishing studio in Bethnal Green.

It will include talks and debates, but also lie-ins, shared meals and singing.


We very much hope that you would like to join us. 


You can book a place here


Take care,
Sophie, Kerri & Rosalie


*"Dear Mr. Adams, Thanks for your letter inviting me to join the committee of the Arts and Sciences for Eisenhower. I must decline, for secret reasons. Sincerely, E.B.White” 28. September 1956


**Hito Steyerl quote from, Politics of Art: Contemporary Art and the Transition to Post- Democracy, e-flux journal #21 December 2010


***"It has been depressing not to have been immortalised in the coffee table book or the radical journal. It has forced some of us into being publishers when we would rather be looked after and cossetted by some non-existant-caring-lucrative-other."
Lubaina Himid, Mapping, A Decade of Black Women Artists 1980 - 1990.

SECRET REASONS was supported by Rosalie's ARTSADMIN artist bursary funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.






A small archive exists from this event with texts, tactics, slides and notes.