Artist as pellegrino

Artist as Pellegrino, minus support (12 noon)


Isle of Sheppey.



Noon is the hour of the shortest shadow; where past, present and future come together. A moment of sight coinciding with a moment of blindness.


These too are the conditions of artistic vision and creation whereby one wanders blind rather than seeking a predetermined destination.


To make a journey is to make a mark. A Pellegrino is someone who wanders, travelling in continual movement. The figure of the Pellegrino appears in the Italian folk tradition and translates from Pilgrim, but rather than a figure on a religious crusade, the Pellegrino is in a state of limbo.


The Pellegrino seeks to locate meaning and has its roots in a world that changes through analogy therefore the Pellegrino is also the storyteller; describing what is seen on their travels as an act of understanding, remembrance, memory and vision. This figure is always pictured with the foot braced, ready to move forward and a crutch or stick that represents support.