Shoreham Woods

"If an artist falls in the forest and nobody is there to witness, is it art?"

In which we learn how the badger got his stripes, luis becomes a ball of red shiny gloriousness, we climb, we dig, we paint, we cast, we run about and have a ball



"If an artist falls in the forest and nobody is there to witness, is it art?"

For this months KINGDOM, we will be wandering in Shoreham Woods. Here we will forage for fruits of knowledge - exploring portals and containment via green screens and natural leans, mythologies and embodiment. We will tell stories aloud as they were not intended to be told, start a fire with no need for warmth or light, we will collect and make, dig and discard. 

Using the forest as our setting we will imagine both escape and shelter and through our interventions plot an unconventional map. This map will trace one of the many paths artist Fiona MacDonald has forged by her individualised memories of trees, it will also meander. Fiona has been responding to the woods for a little while now, so she has agreed to share some of her wisdom and musings with us whilst we re-associate ourselves with the physical, reality of things.

Meet at Elephant & Castle 9.45 UNDER THE RED ELEPHANT with your tickets ready to get the 10.15 train down to Shoreham. Tickets are £9.30 return.

Wear suitable attire for woodland adventures.
Take drawing implements and/or cameras.
Bring any reading/objects you would like to share with us all.

See you there!

Some images courtesy of Fiona MacDonald
Extra thanks to Fiona for her knowledge of the woods and of course, as ever, to those who ventured and gained.