The sh(ar)ed

Whittingdale Resident Artists

common room. hideaway. temporary project space. pavillion. art. collective action/reaction. open (as in no functioning door). more than the sum of its parts. 

A public space in a private dwelling the sh(ar)ed was a contstruction made both physically and metaphorically for dialogue, gestures outwards and manifest but also convivial task mastering and knowledge sharing. a leveller and a context as well as a question of both value and the possibility or and the potential for cooperation with care in urban space, in tory britain and with each other. A need and a desire.

the build marked the end of a self-selecting three month nomadic residency initiated by CaW research group and involved artists -


Alice Woods, Alissa Khan-Whelan, Andra Raduca, Angus Frost, Bryony Hussey, Carolina Escobar, Chris Alton, Edwin Mingard, Georgia Gendall, Helen Hamilton, Josh Parker, Lou Macnamara, Oliver Hickmet, Kerri Jefferis, Rebecca Sangster, Rosa Nussbaum, Rose Parker, Sophie Chapman and Tuli Litvak.


Images thanks to the group but mostly Tuli Litvak and Lou Macnamara.